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30 January 2017
Russian timber industry news #22/23-2016

In December, 2016, the Techpromplit company opens a birch veneer plant in Vyshny Volochyok

26 November 2016
Veneer production launched

Our group of companies has launched production of birch rotary cut veneer in Tver region.

11 May 2016
New seasonal offers

Variety of new product lines added - make sure to check them out and get in touch with our managers

17 April 2016
Batimat 2016

Round table discussions at BATIMAT 2016

08 February 2016
Specialized exhibition for Construction Materials in Russia 2016

Representatives of the TEHPROMPLIT visited a specialized exhibition for Construction Materials in Russia 2016 (OSM 2016)


23 January 2017
Birch veneer rotary cut

Prices start from 150 Euro/m3 FCA mill.

02 March 2015
Spring Birch plywood offers in 5x5 and 4x8

Birch plywood from 250 EURO/m3 FCA mill.





Our factory produces rotary cut birch veneer. We use Italian Angela-Cremona rotary veneer cutter to produce high quality product aimed at satisfiying requirements of most demanding clients. Given the versatility of this equipment we are able to offer to our clients the following product:


Russian birch veneer produced according to GOST 99-96.


  • 1300x2600 mm cross grain
  • 1600x1600 mm
  • 2600x1300 mm long grain


We also can produce variety of sizes with maximum up to 2600x1900mm


Thickness of birch veneer that we produce can be offered in 1.1mm and 1.5mm with moisture level of 6%.


Various sorting of grades is available from standard Mixed grade to special sorting of 1-2 Grade for face veneer and 3-4 birch core veneer.


The product is packaged to highest standard and can be shipped by truck or sea container, that are loaded at our premises ensuring safety in transit and quality of loading. All loading procedures are photographed and provided to the client to avoid any quality complications. We also provide to our non-russian clients phytosanitary certificate as well as certificate of origin, formerly known as Form A.


1.     What format of veneer do you produce?

Formats 1600х1600х1,5mm/1300х1300х1,5mm and 2600х1300х1,5mm/1300х2600х1,5mm


2.     Is it possible to order other formats and thicknesses of veneer at your factory?

Yes it is possible upon additional confirmation and in accordance to current production capacity.


3.     What is the minimum thickness of veneer that you are able to produce and moisture of veneer?

Minimal thickness is 1mm and moisture is at 6-8%


4.     Is it possible to order special-cut format sizes?

Yes, at an additional cost and upon confirmation from the factory.


5.     What is the approximate percentage of each grade in MIX?

Approximate percentage is as follows:

1-2 grade-10-15%

3 grade-3-6%,

4 grade—65%,



6.     How is veneer packed at your factory?

Standard packing of veneer of 1600х1600х1,5мм—600 sheets per pack, pallet made out of birch peeler cores tied with plastic straps.


7.     Is it possible to have alternative packing according to customer specification.

It is possible to have alternative packing of veneer, for additional cost, in case of additional materials such as plywood, hardboard or chipboard.


8.     Can you load container at the factory?

No, currently loading is done only on trucks, sideloading, tent, 20 tonnes.

Standard packing norm of veneer 1600х1600х1,5мм is 16 packs.


9.     What certificates do you offer?

Certificate of origin upon request and phytosanitary certificate.






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